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Maintenance Of Green Sprinklers

There are two main reasons for the spontaneous combustion of green sprinklers. One is caused by leakage of green sprinklers and two oil spills. This is related to the improper maintenance of daily green sprinklers. The green sprinklers that spontaneously ignite are generally old-fashioned vehicles. The owners usually do not care about the maintenance of green sprinklers, causing some parts of the car to deteriorate or the lines to be damaged, so that the lines of the car are easily leaked, and the tanks are subject to long-term leakage. Corrosion is also prone to oil leakage; in addition, some consumers install anti-theft devices, install audio or modify the green sprinklers after buying a car, destroying the green sprinkler's own line, sometimes the line is not tightly wrapped, summer weather Hot, green sprinklers exposed to the sun for a long time, it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion.