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Aluminum Alloy Tank Car Has High Safety

First, the dangerous (explosive) products are inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, so safety is an important indicator to consider the tank truck. Because the weight of the aluminum alloy tanker is low, the center of gravity is low, it is not easy to roll over, and it is safer. For safety reasons, the inertia of the aluminum alloy tanker is small when the collision occurs, and the braking distance is reduced;

Second, non-combustible materials, no sparks, lower static electricity accumulation, the use of aluminum alloy tanks, is conducive to the timely transfer of static electricity generated during the loading and unloading of oil, reducing the probability of accidents;

Third, the government has always wanted to reduce road maintenance costs because there is less damage to the road surface;

Fourth, it is possible to absorb the energy generated by the collision by deformation without being suddenly torn.