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Transportation Solution of Volvo

Volvo FH25 anniversary version is shown in Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung(IAA). The interior and exterior are redesigned for improving the ride comfort. Many advanced additional functions are added as well.

Low Emission for Urban Environment

The FL and FE series released at the beginning of 2018 achieve zero emission. They are very suitable for the transportation operation in the low emission area. The low noise and vibration greatly enhances the working condition of the driver. In 2019, the electric commercial truck designed for urban transport will be sold.

Data-based Customer Service System

Volvo customer service system is the new service platform and provides the digital function. Customers are eligible for various advantages brought by digitization and connectivity. The system also supports the administrative management and legal assistance. The platform of other services can be also subscribed via the system. Customers can quickly visit the most important information and service by the optimized interface.

Self-developed Autonomous Truck

In the future, Volvo aims to design trucks qualified for short haul, large quantity of cargo and accurate delivery. Without exhaust emission and noise pollution, autonomous trucks can work day and night.

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