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Three Features of Future Trucks

Products shown in the 67th Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung(IAA) have three outstanding trends: new energy, smart internet of vehicles and automation.

New Energy

EU made a promise of reducing greenhouse gases specified in The Paris Agreement. Compared with 1990, the quantity of carbon dioxide discharged shall decrease to 40% by 2030. Hence, EU urges auto manufacturers to study new technologies for reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, especially heavy commercial vehicles.

Several solutions of alternative energy are shown in the IAA, e.g.: biodiesel, methanol, ethanol, natural gas and fuel cell.

Internet of Vehicles

Bosch achieves the interconnection of commercial vehicles during the service cycle by the new internet platform. The technical support is offered to cloud serving, like predictive diagnosis, wireless software update. Moreover, basic softwares open the safe communication interface among vehicles, cloud and service. The data management module helps manufacturers of commercial vehicles or administrator of motorcade analyze vehicle data.

Digital Trend

The cabin is equipped with digital buttons and wide LED screen, e.g.: instrument panel, central control system and steering wheel.