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Sewage car engine cabin cleaning tips

1. First of all, pay attention to the frequent washing of the car, not too often, so it is easy to damage the car paint.

2. Use clean water when washing the car. Otherwise, the fine sand in the sewage will wipe the paint. If the temperature is lower in winter, it should be washed with warm water.

3, to use a clean special car wash towel, the general towel friction is strong, it is easy to damage the paint car paint, especially in the winter after washing the car should immediately wipe the body water to avoid residual ice The paint is damaged.

4, car wash as far as possible in a cool and ventilated place, in winter, it is best to wash the car in the place where the sun can shine.

5. When washing the car, pay attention to the waterproof work of some parts of the suction truck, such as the horn, the lamp, the door lock hole, etc., so as to avoid the horn failure, the fog of the lamp or the icing door lock can not be opened after the water is locked in the winter door lock hole. .

6. Do not wash the car immediately after driving in the winter. You should wait until the engine temperature of the suction truck drops and then wash the car to avoid damage to the engine caused by thermal expansion and contraction.