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Daily maintenance and maintenance of tank trucks

(1) First of all, we must understand the main structure, performance and tanker function of the tanker. The special vehicle chassis must be transported or repaired to the Dongfeng Second Automobile Service Station or the Jiefang FAW Service Station as required;

(2) The tanker truck is usually composed of four parts: a special automobile chassis (Dongfeng or Liberation Class II chassis), a tank body, a pipe network system, and a power take-off device;

(3) The driver of the driver who drives the tanker should do the routine maintenance of the tanker. It is necessary to check, clean and fasten the tank before, during and after the vehicle, and find the tank in time. Car problems or safety hazards, so that problems can be detected in a timely manner;

(4) Check whether the oil tank body, pipe network, valves, etc. are leaking or leaking oil before exiting, whether the upper cover is covered as required, the amount of lubricating oil, fuel oil, cooling water, hand and foot brake, steering device , instrumentation, lighting, tire pressure, tire nuts, etc.

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