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Analyze the braking principle of semi-trailer

Analyze the braking principle of semi-trailer. When it comes to semi-trailer, we have introduced a lot of content for everyone. The performance and application range are well understood. Today, semi-trailer manufacturers introduce the braking principle of semi-trailer. Come to pay attention.

Under normal circumstances, the semi-trailer brake type is a dual-line air brake. The braking principle is that after the driver steps on the brake pedal, the compressed air enters the trailer control line through the trailer brake valve on the tractor, and then Through the emergency brake valve, open the valve and enter the brake chamber. The semi-trailer manufacturer tells you that the compressed air pushes the diaphragm of the single-chamber air chamber and the brake piston of the double-chamber air chamber to the braking position, pushes out through the push rod, pulls the brake adjusting arm, and drives the cam shaft to rotate to realize the semi-trailer. Brake.