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Advantages of Air Suspension

Flexible Loading

Vehicles often stop at the platform to load and unload goods. It is inconvenient for forklifts to lift and move materials if the height of different platforms varies. Vehicles equipped with air suspension can easily complete cargo operation. The height of carriage and platform can be the same by adjusting the height of air bag.

Low Tire Wear

The air bag is softly coupled with the chassis. When the vehicle is driving on the bumpy road, the tire can grip the road well. The hard contact with the ground caused by the leaf spring can be avoided. The wear of tires can be greatly reduced. Both the ground and tires are protected.

Reduce Vibration

Vehicles installed with air suspension have the good trafficability and can run on the bumpy road by slightly reducing the speed. More fuels are used in restoring the regular speed. The air suspension is capable of absorbing energy and can keep the normal speed of the vehicle. Hence, the bumpy road only has a minimal influence on the speed.